This was one of the biggest days of my speaking and coaching career. Last week I stepped on the stage with other greats like Dr. Dennis Kimbro (Think and Grow Rich A Black Choice), Tim Grover (Kobe Bryant’s and Michael Jordan’s mindset coach) and Lamar Tyler (my personal mentor and the leader of Traffic, Sales and Profit the leading community for black excellence in entrepreneurship).

I was terrified. My anxiety and imposter syndrome kicked in with a vengeance. All kinda thoughts ran through my mind. I mean I know I’m good (confident not cocky) but am I good enough to be on the stage with them?! I was about to find out. I did it scared. Doing it scared allowed me to see that on the other side of my fear was freedom. Freedom from not being sure of my abilities or being confused about my purpose. I liked what I saw on that side. I felt my strength growing and my conviction getting more rooted in the fact that I am helping people change their lives not just their businesses. The energy that I received back from the audience was confirmation of that. It was also confirmation when Dr. Kimbro said my whole name and said that he loved my presentation and mentor gave me the head nod cuz he’s cool like that. 😂 Most importantly, I knew it.
I also know that the reasons why I was scared are still there. My past is my past and my experiences didn’t just disappear. But, doing it scared gave me another experience and memory that will help counteract the bad experiences. If you look into your past you can’t just acknowledge your failures, you have to acknowledge your successes too. So I’m making it a point to continue to do things scared so that I can create new experiences that create more positive emotions and memories that will give me something different to draw upon when I’m in a situation where I feel unsure.
I challenge you to do something scared. Don’t criticize yourself for not being perfect. Just do your best and be proud of yourself for doing it. It will feel uncomfortable. It’s supposed to. This is new but if you keep doing it you will start to break down your fear and then you’ll realize that you have reached the other side and crossed over into freedom. I promise that you will like what you see over there. 😉

Drop a 🙋🏽‍♀️ in the comments if you commit to doing something scared TODAY. 🙌🏽

UPDATE: I want to be clear that once my intro music started, the memories of my previous successes kicked in and I said to myself, “You’ve got this! LEGGO!” But leading u p to that point I was scared. That’s the thing, because I had done other things scared and was successful, I was able to draw on those experiences to propel me forward.